Accumulations, Sediments, Dispersals: Artworks in Transit

Workshop organized by Kristina Pia Hofer, Eva Kernbauer and Marietta Kesting

This workshop addresses the mobility of artworks: the tensions between their movement across borders, nations, cultures and formats, as well as their mobilizing effects in aesthetic, political, social and economic realms. While post-mediality and digitalization suggest limitless fluidity across formats and geographies, effortless transmission and reception, these views are contested by postcolonial perspectives that call attention to the lingering unequal distribution of (material and immaterial) resources, and by the ongoing institutional and economical valorization of artworks as objects tied to their material substance.

David Joselit
Authenticity and Terror

Tintin Wulia
Within the Leaves a Sight of the Forest, Episode 4 and Q & A (via Skype)

Ingeborg Reichle
Performing Cultural Encounters: Historicity and Practice of Slide Collections in Contemporary Art

Erika Tan
Oriental Riff/t: After Chinoiserie

Hannes Böck
N. 252 Hockender Pavian, Diorit; N. 253 Falke, Amphibolit; N. 255 Falke, Gabbro; N. 256 Hockender Pavian, Diorit; N. 280 Apis-Stier, Diorit.

Johannes Ismaiel-Wendt
Sound Sediments and MusickingThings of Color

Kathrin Thiele
Entanglement – Non-linear Challenges to Transitional Realities


With Hannes Böck (Artist, Vienna), Johannes Ismaiel-Wendt (University of Hildesheim, Germany), David Joselit (City University of New York, USA), Ingeborg Reichle (University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria), Erika Tan (Artist, London), Kathrin Thiele (Utrecht University, Netherlands) and Tintin Wulia (Artist, Brisbane).

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