Reviewing documenta 14

with Noit Banai, Sabeth Buchmann, Lukas Gritzner, Lukas Kaufmann, Selma Klima, Ilse Lafer, Eleni Michaelidi, Paul Petritsch, Antonia Rahofer and Hans Schabus.

After the closing of the hotly debated documenta 14 at both its sites, let’s dicuss an exhibition that has been a singularly risky enterprise: with a highly subtle curatorial stance renouncing signature works that has questioned documenta’s role as a showcase for contemporary art, an anthropologisation of artistic practice that has been critizied as re-colonisation, and a somewhat elusive, but highly politicized romanticism asking for a reinstitution of the body in conceptual and post-conceptual art while often hovering under individual radars of perception. What can we learn from the failures and successes of documenta 14?

Kuw D14 1